Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, it has been a long time since I've been on here. I don't have internet access. I do on my phone but I don't have good enough signal to do this much typing. And it would take way to long. I don't have THAT much time on my hands. I'm on the USO's computer and they won't let me get on facebook. The Facebook on my phone doesn't have all the features but it has all the main ones.

Right now I'm at Camp Adduberry(I think that's how you spell it) in Indiana. It's SUPER hot down here and very muggy most of the time. And talk about humid! I don't like it down here, I'll probly never move out of Minnesota...maybe I'll consider somewhere out east, but not the east coast more of like where Pennsylvania is. I drove through there once and fell in love with the scenery. And it didn't help much that at the end of the movie Marley and Me, they were in Pennsylvania then too. And I love their house. I want one similar like it. Now that I'm leaving for Afghanistan I think more and more what I want out of my life. Maybe a relationship with a guy can wait, it's probly a good thing that me and my last one broke up. I have to go now though. My battle buddies want to leave. I'll come back here and write some more when I can.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crazy Friday Night!

One of my best friends Lynard (aka Jennifer) planned a scavanger hunt Friday night! Wow...was that ever fun! She got a group of friends from the high school and we all had our cars and had a list of things to do around town...crazy things that I can't belive I did! A lot of it was illegal but I'll mention it anyway. haha. So here's how my night started....

We got to the high school late but we were still the first ones there haha. I brought my video camera so we could tape some of the stuff but of course I forgot to charge it so we didn't get most of the night. So everyone got there and we were talking reading off the rules (no speeding and the deadline was 12:45pm and we're starting at 1030pm) and we all were ready to take off in our cars. I was in the passanger seat of Lynards car and in the backseat was her sister Steph (my other besty) and their friend Gina (don't think I'm spelling that right but that's the only way I know) We had our windows down yelled "Ready...Set....GO!!!" and of course the 2 boys beside us race as we just sit there watching them be idiots...there was a cop about 2 blocks away...but they were lucky they didn't get caught.

First stop we had to go to McDonalds to get a picture with Ronald...this was our first experience with a crabby person...there's a lot of crabby people at this time of night. Of course the play place is closed. We asked to go back there but as long as we didn't mess up the floor. He said it in a mean way. So that's the first thing we did. Hopped back in the car and drove to wal mart. Tired to get a picture with the greating lady, found out she was camera shy so we couldn't get a picture with her. Grabbed a cart, started running to the bikini's someone had to put one on...including the guys. Had to put a person in the cart and push them down an isle with them in it. Got a picture of a blue fish. Gina tried on the bikini, met the boys at the changing booth...they chickened out and walked away. Went to the paint and had to buy spray paint so we could go vandalize a train, or bridge ext. Also had to buy something special for someone and give it to them that night. We bought a pack of gum for Steph and Jen's mom. Gina at the end of the night got a bag of real fish. 5 of them. We left wal mart.

Started to our next stop to Burger King, but before we got there we needed a picture of us in the middle of the round about. Couldn't deside where to park the car, parked it on the side of the street going towards IJC, got on the round about, yelled at Steph for taking so long to get out of the car, took the pic, ran back to the car. Got to Burger King, the inside of the place was closed, went through the drivethru, asked to take their picture, the chic was mean and said she was too busy (there were 2 cars there) knew somebody to work there and she said that he was busy...she didn't even ask him if he wanted his picture with us...drove away without saying goodbye or thank you to her...Jen ur mean for that. Stopped at a gas station and had to get 50 cents worth of gas and a coffee cup signed by the cashier. Took us 4 times to get the right amount on the gas. Cashiers had fun. Had to go drop Gina off at Steph and Jen's house. Ran and gave their mom the gum. Took another picture. Yelled to Gina goodbye and see her tomorrow at her Fastpitch tournament.

The boys from Wal Mart was folowing us. Had to go to a playground to get us slidding down slides and crossing monkey bars...Jen brought us to the scariest place possible. Went to the vetrans memorial park, lost the boys, had to park the car outside the gates and climb over the gate and walk a ways through the woods to get there. Very scary. Ran back...Steph ran out of breath because she was REALLY sick so I stayed back listening to Jen yelling at us to hurry up.

Went to Steph and Jens aunt's driveway because she lives by railroad tracks, we had to get 20 taconite pellets, and a child at play sign picture. Walked away from the car a ways to get the picture, me and Jen heard something walking in the woods...ran back to the car screaming.

Drove to the cemetary, had to go through the graves to find someone that died in 2002 (that's harder than it sounds) me and Jen said a prayer for everyone we went by and told them to rest in peace. We felt bad for walking on the grass. Eventually found a 2002 named Meriel Olsen. Thanked her for the picture.

Drove to Coleraine had to get a picture with a cop, saw one sitting at the bottom of the hill by the beach enterance, drove right up to the car and Jen asked him to take his picture, I thought we were going to get shot. He was nice about it though. Drove right behind him to the boat landing, had to go knee deep in the water, me and Steph did that. Froze our legs off because the water was below freezing. Started getting out, another cop came and drove up to our car but then drove away. We were like "What the heck?"

Drove away through Bovey because we wanted to go climb the Bovey hill, cop was following us...we kept driving. Even went passed Scenic Drive and he was still folowing us. Drove up my sisters dirt road, lost the cops. Ended up being 2 of them. Freaked out that whole time thinking we were going to get arrested. Drove on highway 12 and did a little vandalizing in a cement tunnel, it says Marie Lynn n' Lynn. Our middle names. Had Steph drive away with the car while me and Jen spray painted and fertilized the grass.

Drove back to Rapids, started running out of time so we couldn't climb the Bovey hill on the way back. But what we could do while we drove was moon somebody we didn't know, guess who had to do that...yea...I did. It was too cold to roll the window down so I left that up and Jen yelled at me to not put my butt cheeks against the windo because she didn't want to clean it. haha. Steph got pictures and video camerad it...yea I'm not showing them! I mooned someone as we drove by.

Then drove through the streets of Rapids trying to find buildings to climb. Found one, Jen got up a little shed next to Ace Hardware...didnt' get the picture because me and Steph couldn't get our fat butt's up it. It was hard because it was between 2 walls and you had to work yourself up there. We still had to get into a dumpster, went across the parking lot to Ace's dumpster. It was locked, had to climb under the fence and we got under and decided not to get in there. Didn't even touch the dumpster. Me and Jen both said no. haha. Ran out of time and drove back to the school.

Talied up everyone's score and we won! Didn't get anything for winning though but it was still fun! Steph got a ride from this other guy in a yellow car...I was very jelous. Me and Lynard then went to Country Kitchen (which the whole night I was calling Perkins) and had a apatizer and lemon water then left. Went home, wanted Chocolate Banana Smoothie but then realized they didn't have ice in their house. (I know hard to believe) watched a little TV then passed out in their brothers bed.

This I have to say was the funnest night I've ever nights in Superior are pretty close to this much fun too. I can't choose which ones better. They're both with people I really love and care about. Anyway, I plan on having another night just like this when I come back from my deployment :) can't wait.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok, so I've been slacking a little on my trip, I've been very busy and exhausted my whole trip but dang is it fun!! I love it. Been horseback riding....twice!! Because I've loved it so much we wanted to go back again. The first time was a lot of fun! I had a horse named Dia Day, and Candi's was Pay Day! Haha! There were about 8 people in front of us and just a couple behind us, so we just got to chill. The guide that was in back was really nice, didn't get to talk to him much though. My horse Dia Day, (yes I know it's kinda weird), she was very wanting to go a move. She did not like to stand in one place or follow Pay Day, Dia always went to the opposite side of Pay Day. She liked to trot, I got her to trot a few times. There was this one spot that was really steep going down and you always had to wait for the horse in front of you to be at the bottom. It wasn't very long but just enough to get Dia going pretty fast. I loved every second of it!!! The second time that we rode there, which was today, me and Candi got the same horses again :) it was a lot of fun and I can't wait till I got horseback riding again!!

I drove yesterday for the first time in Hawaii, I was REALLY nervous, but really, it's no different than any other place other than the roads are like our narrow bridges, and what's sad, is that they have a sign that says narrow bridge, so I have to drive on a double narrow bridge. Plus you have the people riding bikes right on the side of the road....agh!! Some of these roads too are crazy! Like driving up to the stables place, you have to do a complete U turn and that's part of the road! It's because you're going up part of the mountain though too. And the traffic here is terrible! At certain times anyway. But I can drive through it just fine.

When me and Candi went to the beach, there were waves coming up on shore that were as tall as the both of us! They were huge! One wiped me out once haha, and I got the very first big swig of salt water in my mouth, that was VERY gross. I don't know how people can surf in these waters. And yes, we see surfers with boards everywhere. But not too big of waves tho. But they do do a pretty good job of it. With what they have. Candi said that they have surf board covers like we carry gun covers back home. Haha! But of course there's a gun or a surf board inside the case of course. lol.

At night it's been pretty cloudy though, but tonight was the first night that it wasn't, so me and Candi got to watch the sunset. We walked and took a lot of pictures of it, but between then I just looked up and watched it, and my mind wondered back home (even though it's really cold there, I still really miss it) there's really nothing like home sweet home. I just don't know what I'm going to do when I get to Afghanistan...yeah...let's not go there.

So we did go to this all day thing, the Polonysian Culture, it was so cool, me and Candi did these little stick games, learned some different language for names like fire. haha. It was funny, you had to of been there. We got painted tatoos on our ankles from New Zeland. We had dinner, and we ate raw fish (ick!) and some other crazy purple stuff. I know that's my favorite color, but dang, you're not supossed to eat anything purple!

Me and Candi every night watch movies on our TV. She brought lots of DVD's, and a lot of movies I haven't seen which some are Chiwawa. (yea I can't spell it) And a few others but half of them I fall asleep to them, so I guess I can't really say I've watched them. It's weird because I usually don't fall asleep watching ;)

Well, there's not too much else to say about my trip other than I'm having an awsome time, missing a lot of friends, especially the one way straight south of Minnesota, I wish I got to see that friend one more time before we left. I really do miss him dearly. Although I don't admit it to him because I'm just trying to be strong. Army Strong! haha. yea. So, I'm going to go to bed now and finish this movie if I don't fall asleep first. So I'll write later!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second Day In Hawaii!

Today was a little more exciting than yesterday I promise. The morning started off kinda slow. Didn't do much until noon because we were tired from the night before. But after that we got in the convertable with the top down (which isn't very exciting in the backseat of the car with your hair down). We got to this road and it was a little town looking kinda and it had all these cute little stores with gifts and clothes in them. The first place we stopped at me and Candi saw a whole bunch of little gadgety things. We bought a lot of things, we both got these little shell's that said Aloha and then a little picture of a turtle and one with a pretty flower, then at the bottom it said Hawaii. It was cute. Then we saw these little necklaces and lots and lots of shells. We both bought the dangly shells that hang in a spiral, well mine is purple (my favorite color) and Candi got a pink one. They're both exactly the same except the color.

So we continued the long walk on. My parents are not with us just to let you know. We hit a few clothing stores, one of them had really cute clothes in it, I almost bought a shirt but they didn't have my size and it was really expensive. It was 75% off and still cost $78. Yeah the normal price was $155. It was really cute though. So the next store we went to had some more things in it, I don't really remember all the stores we hit, there were a lot. We walked in a store where I touched my first REAL surfboard! It was a little more plastic like than I thought it would be. So maybe it wasn't a real surfboard then. But they had them chained to the wall so they most likely were then. We saw a store and went first it wasn't normal, it almost looked chinese, maybe Japanese. But either way, it wasn't a normal looking store. They had clothes in there that I wouldn't wear one thing in there. Some stuff looked kinda cute I guess, but I'd just never wear it in Minnesota. This sales guy asked Candi if he could have her try a sheet looking dresss on that if you fold it certain ways that it changes it's looks and stuff. It was funny watching her. We were planning on our way back that we'd buy it on our way back, but we walked so far we had my parents come pick us up at the end of the road. haha. By that store though we were both getting really thirsty. So we crossed the road and ended up at this super cute deli. I wished I was hungry because they had really good looking sub sandwiches. But the store was NOTHING like subway so don't think like that. We got these Hawaiian juice that had a fruit tasting in it. But it came in a can like pop. It was REALLY good!! We walked down more road, got thirsty again, this time we got ICECREAM!!! My favorite. They had this really weird homemade icecream (suposidly known worldwide for their best icecream. It wasn't busy at all so I don't know). But then they had these cookie looking things that had different flavoring. They were kinda doughy on the outside but it was mostly flour the girl said, and had icecream in the middle. That was really good too! I want some more. lol. Then we went to one more store to look at dresses but since some of these places are so small they don't have changing rooms so you have to guess. We both wanted to find dresses to wear to the beach but if they didn't fit that would just suck. Walked a little more ways and my parents picked us up so we didn't have to walk back. :)

When we got back to the condo me and Candi had girl talk in our room while mom and dad made steaks on the grill. Me and Candi made the salads tho. After we got done eating we walked the oposite way we went last night. But this time it was very close to dard. There's these pipeline looking things and one is really long, the water will splash up on it sometimes and get you wet if you walk out on it. I should know. lol. But a couple hundred feet and I was out at the end! It was really scary. I don't care to do that ever again. But a long way down from that me and Candi litterally almost stepped on HUGE seaturtles!! I'm not sure if they're the same onees but we got to touch them and everything! They actually stink! If you smell real close to them. And they're shells arent that slimmy either. We petted them and Candi kept taking pictures of them scaring them with the flash and blinding me and her with it! We walked a good 2 miles on the beach. Then came back up to the condo wanted to swim in the pool tonight because it's a pretty deep pool so we can go diving. But got too tired once again and here I am. I'm fighting to keep my eyes open now so I'll write again soon! Hawaii is a blast and I can't wait till I come back!

First Day In Hawaii!

Wow has it been lots of fun already! First day we got here we came without our mom cuz she was stuck in Minneapolis remember? Yea, well, we got to the hotel, settled in a little bit and me and Candi touched the ocean for the first time! That was really cool! After we walked just a little ways we had to go back to the condo so we could leave to get mom. Had trouble finding the airport....geez. But eventually did it. Got back to the condo and me and Candi walked for about a mile down the beach and back. It was awsome! That's all we really had time for. It started getting late and we were tired from the night before sleeping at the airport. You don't get good sleep there. Yea, nothing really exciting happened except we saw sea turtles!! In arms reach! That was cool :) There are a lot of birds here and geckos (you'll hear about that tomorrow). I'll tell more later. Don't really have time to write because at the end of the day you're SO tired. Well talk to you tomorrow!! (technically later tonight because I'm a day behind. Told you I get really busy and tired down here. Time difference)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Trip To Hawaii

Well, I shall start off with the fact that on our way to Hawaii, that part did not go so good. First we got to Minneapolis no problem. But then we wanted to get a straight shot to Hawaii, that didn't happen. We were suppossed to get on a plane to go to Portland, OR. That flight got full. So mom made a call to get on another flight so we had to rush to get to that one. But then just me and Candi got on at first. Then we saw my dad get on...that was joyful. (sarcasim) So we got to go to Seattle, WA. We were going to get on a flight that went to Hawaii there, but then that one was full! Agh! So now this was getting REALLY frusterating. We asked the gate againt (sp?) what time the next flight left for Hawaii and they said not till 8:30am!!! It was 1:30pm right then. We had a LONG wait. So we had a problem listing us on the waiting list to go to Hawaii because my mom wasn't with us because she was the employee and because we had Candi with, we couldn't really fly without her. And I wasn't going to leave Candi by herself at an airport while me and dad went to Hawaii. So then we tried to get back to Minnesota to fly back with mom but it still wouldn't let us fly. But somehow we got from Minnesota to Washington without her. (this is where it gets technical with airline employee stuff so i'm just going to skip it) The gate peeps eventually got us on the Hawaii flight out of Seattle. So me and Candi found a place on the floor at the airport and we slept there with all our luggage. Fun fun. The morning came and we left for Hawaii, first class too :) that was nice! And when you fall asleep at the airport and there's no one around you, then when you wake up there's strangers all around you, it's really weird. lol. I don't ever want to do that again. I hope it doesn't happen to any of you guys either. It really sucks! I'll tell you about my first day in Hawaii later. Right now I'm really hungry and me and Candi want to go find some food.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Exciting Day!

So, today wasn't that bad...not last to do taxes in my area but pretty close. haha. I don't owe anything, but I get a whole bunch back! Yes! :) Very happy. But that isn't how my day started. It started by me laying in bed and waisting time for a half hour sleeping when I should of been getting ready to leave for the dentist.

Got to dentist with rents and they left me there. Put twice the amount of novicane in me to numb me up, he went through some muscles so now my jaw REALLY hurts! I was numb for 3 hours AFTER the dentist. It was just a quick small little cavity. Then we ventured our way to JC Penny's to get some suit cases for Hawaii :) Then we went to Wal-Mart and got some groceries for tonight and some other things. Rents making California Hambergers as I type. Yum Yum can't wait to eat them. Went home then rushed to the tax lady because we were late for our appointment. Then after that went back into town and went shopping at Marices and bought more really cute clothes for Hawaii :) Went to the tanning salon to check for tanning sesions, of course there's none open for another half hour. So we just skipped it. We both wanted to get home.

So that was my day. My jaw still hurts and I'm tired. Wanted a nap but now it's too late to go to sleep. I'm so pumped for Hawaii!!! Me and Candi are you going to have SO much fun! Oh, and I just bought a video camera for Hawaii and Afghanistan too! can't wait till I actually record something worth keeping. Haha. Well, I have to go see if the foods ready. I'll write back in here later!